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Televisions Toshiba MV13N2 13 TV/VCR Combo and other Toshiba VCRs

Toshiba MV13N2 13 TV/VCR Combo
Offering is as of 6-10-2004. Click through for current pricing and availability.

Toshiba MV13N2 13 TV/VCR Combo
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Click here to buy Toshiba MV13N2 13 TV/VCR Combo by Toshiba. Toshiba MV13N2 13 TV/VCR Combo
by Toshiba
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TV/VCR combo with 13-inch screen and 2-head monaural VCR; 14.25 x 14.375 x 15 inches (W x H x D)
Front-panel AV inputs for easy connection of video-game console or a camcorder
1-month, 8-event programming; 1-touch record affords quick-start recording
Commercial Skip, auto clock set, auto repeat, auto rewind, and auto eject simplify operation and programming
Earphone jack grants private listening Product Description
Enjoy compact home entertainment with Toshiba's MV13N2 13-inch TV/VCR combo unit. The MV13N2 makes it easy to watch TV, play your library of VHS cassettes, or record off-air programming and camcorder footage. The two-head, monaural VCR offers eight-event, one-month programming. Commercial Skip speeds past unwanted portions of your tape in one-, two-, or three-minute increments, and digital auto tracking constantly adjusts tape alignment for optimum picture quality. Front-panel audio/video inputs make for easy connections with video game consoles, camcorders, or additional VCRs, while auto repeat is useful for trade shows or retail applications. Violent or sexually explicit programming can be identified and blocked using V-Chip, prohibiting viewing by young children. Features like one-touch record (one button starts record and allows setting of record length), trilingual (English, Spanish, French) onscreen display, auto power off, and the ever-handy auto clock set greatly simplify setup and operation. A front-panel monaural earphone jack allows grants listening privacy.